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Are you ready to plunge into yoga?

What are the benefits of adopting a yoga practice? The health benefits alone keep people coming back to the studio. We have a staff of instructors who are there for you. The instructors at Dharma have the passion to help you achieve all your goals. Think that you are not the right person for yoga? Think again, we have all level classes suited just for your individual situation. I hear a lot of people say, "I went to the gym and its just not my thing." I also had that attitude until I had my first class in an actual yoga studio. The difference between a studio class and gym class is remarkable. When you come to a studio like Dharma you find that you have individualized attention. We have smaller class sizes so you get the one on one attention you deserve. What have you got to lose? Sure, you could come and find that after an hour it's really not your thing. If that's the case it's alright; we will send you out the door with love after your first class. Come to our classes, you will find a newly adopted lifestyle that will have you reaching new heights.

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