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Journey of this Yogini

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

When I started out in my personal journey, I had taken only a few yoga classes. It was just like me, to jump with both feet in and see what happens. I think it was the best leap I have ever done. Those first few classes were hard, like super hard, so hard sometimes I wondered, “What am I doing in here..this both feet thing, sheesh!”. You see unlike some of the people in my class, I was not a small gal. I had curves, that tended to get in the way, however I won’t lie sometimes they still do. I have learned to love it anyway since then but the lesson at the time was to keep doing the very best I could and be ok with that. That’s what yoga is really all about….doing your best, making it your own practice. As I continued to do my best, I noticed a change. I could hold down dog a little longer, and the first time I did a full 3 minute sun salutation, my body was changing.. I was building muscle and everything was naturally straightening out. Hey, my yoga pants are not as snug. Then one day, I was sitting at my desk typing, much like I am now and WOW! I’m sitting with proper posture. Goodbye Hunchback and HEEELLOOOO Yogini! I was learning to love my curves, no longer ashamed of my feminine features. After I started loving myself, that’s when my curves became a little smaller but I was no longer obsessed with the consent exhausting drive to lose weight, fit in a size 2 and mainly I was no longer comparing myself to others. I’m happy where I am, simply because I learned to love where I am. I mean, sure, I could grow a few inches. Let me know when a yoga pose comes out for that!!

Fast forward to me becoming an instructor. I thought back to my first yoga days, what was the hardest for me? What can I help people do, and that little light bulb went off over my head and said, I want to help people learn to love themselves! Hmm, well how am I going to do this. This was the hardest part, I decided to open my own studio with the motto, “Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit, one person at a time” The universe had been pointing me in the direction of this for several months, like most stubborn hard headed women (my husbands words, not mine) I resisted the call. Then one day he showed up with a key for our studio and from there it was a crazy flutter of learning to run a business. Now, I have several really happy clients that I am abundantly blessed with the chance to help them, one day and step at a time. To sum up this long ramble, no matter what size you are, ask yourself, “Do I love me, as the person who I am right now?” If that answer is no, join us in Curvy Body yoga and learn to love all the beautiful things that make you unique.

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